Spaces of Play Spirits

Just released on the Mac App Store, Spaces of Play’s Spirits ($10) is a port of the developer’s well-received iOS title, which earned our general recommendation last year. This game combines many of our favorite elements: beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, and gameplay inspired by the classic puzzler Lemmings. Expect to spend a few dozen hours with this one.

In Spirits, you take god-like control of small, glowing creatures that spawn from leaves, viewing puzzle scenes from a side perspective. Your job is to move the spirits towards a spinning spiral at the end of the level, transforming some of them using magical powers and capabilities to move the rest. Some of the spirits will have to dig through the ground, while others will transform into clouds that blow their friends to higher levels, to name just a couple of the abilities. Users who buy the app during its first two weeks can save $2 off the normal price.

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