Sparrow Sparrow

Sure, Apple’s free Mail app for Macs is quite good, but its starch-white look is getting kind of old. Sparrow ($10) takes all of Mail’s best features and combines them with Twitter’s and Reeder’s Mac aesthetics. The result? A minimalist email client that lets you get in and out of your messages in a flash, with support for the most popular providers including Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo, and AOL.

What Sparrow gives you is your mail, and just your mail—with none of the other distractions. Messages can be viewed in a drawer, or pop right out. Reply in line with one click. Plus, you have threaded messages, labels, and even a priority inbox if you use the feature with your Gmail. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and a great alternative to the built-in system. Version 1.2 will be out in the next day or two, with Facebook integration and a unified inbox, among other features. Oh, and there’s a free, ad-supported version if you want to try it out first.

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