Speck TrimSleeve for MacBook Air

There’s no shortage now of protective cases and sleeves for the MacBook Air, but new options are always appreciated. Speck is probably best known in the Mac world for its clip-on plastic cases, and now has a new sleeve option: TrimSleeve for MacBook Air ($50). Unlike the SeeThru series, this one only protects your computer when it’s folded shut, but it looks good and is reasonably priced.

Made from leatherette, TrimSleeve has a setup that’s a little bit different than many of the sleeves in the market: instead of inserting the computer along the long edge, you slip it in through the open shorter side. There’s a tab with a metal snap that holds it secure, as well as another one to pull the computer out when it comes time to use it. Right now the sleeve is only available in black, but comes in versions for both sizes of the MacBook Air.

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