Spigen SGP New Coated 2 Backpack

It’s not like there’s any shortage of backpacks out there, but here’s another to consider: Spigen SGP’s New Coated 2 Backpack ($100). The name may be unwieldy, but the bag itself isn’t. In case “new” and “2” didn’t give it away, this one’s a sequel to an earlier backpack from the company, while “coated” refers to the water-resistant finish of the nylon.

Like most backpacks these days, New Coated 2 holds any MacBook Pro up to the 15” model, plus an iPad, your iPhone, and more. It’s divided into two main compartments, with the one in the rear holding a computer plus anything you want to fit into extra space, with dedicated pockets up front to hold accessories. New Coated 2 Backpack is available in black, navy, or gray.

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