Stadler Form Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you’ve ever spent long days in an office, then you likely know the value of a good humidifier—air conditioners and computers (even nearly silent Macs) heat up and suck moisture out of the air. Unfortunately, humidifiers tend to be large and clunky, which is why we were glad to come across Stadler Form’s Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier ($140). This 0.8 gallon humidifier mimics the clean, minimalist Apple design aesthetic—especially the white version.

Not only does Anton look great, but it’s tiny, too. The whole thing is only 5.7’’W x 11.2’’H x 7.3’’D, and weighs just four pounds. Despite its small stature, the unit is capable of humidifying a room of up to 250 square feet. In true Apple-like fashion, there are no visible controls. Instead, the buttons are located on the underside so that they’re still easily accessible, but not obtrusive in any way. An LED indicator changes color, from blue to red, to let you know the water level in the tank. To top it off, there’s a fragrance dispenser to help keep your office smelling fresh.

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