Stir Kinetic Desk

With all the research coming out that says sitting is bad for your health, it’s no surprise that standing desks are becoming more and more popular. The latest comes from JP Labrosse, a former Apple employee who worked on the iPod, and his new company, Stir. Stir Kinetic Desk ($3,890+). It’s a fully mechanized, touchscreen-, Wi-Fi-, and Bluetooth-equipped beast, that actually learns as it goes. That’s part of the reason you might choose this desk over a stack of phonebooks on top of your current one.

Double tapping on the touchscreen in the bottom left corner automatically raises or lowers the desk, when you’re ready to move from sitting to standing or vice versa. If you need a reminder for when to move, you can put Stir Kinetic Desk into active mode, which activates the Whisperbreath feature. The desk will actually move up and down an inch, almost like it’s breaking, to remind you to switch it up. In each of the back corners, you’ll find four AC outlets and two USB ports, conveniently hidden in a cord-hiding compartment.

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