Studio Mee PaintMee

Taking pictures is easy enough, but making paintings is definitely a lot harder. What if there was a way to turn your photos into paintings? That’s exactly what PaintMee ($8) from Studio Mee does. Sold through the Mac App Store, this title removes the need for painting talent, and leaves you with beautiful results each time.

What’s really cool about PaintMee is that it doesn’t just blend or blur your pictures, it actually analyzes and then redraws them—no pixel data from the original source is left untouched, as there are thousands of brush strokes in each image. Just drag a photo in, choose or a preset or manually adjust the settings, and hit go. You’ll see each stroke in sequence, building up to the finished product. Even though the whole process only takes seconds, a slider allows you to stretch the process out over time up to an hour so that you can watch it unfold.

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