SwitchEasy Cocoon

SwitchEasy Cocoon

Once again, SwitchEasy has put its own unique spin on an established accessory category—this time, it’s entering the MacBook shell market with Cocoon ($50) for the 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display. Although we’re a bit surprised the price isn’t somewhat lower—SwitchEasy is usually known for ultra-affordable accessories—Cocoon sells for roughly the same price as competing alternatives.

The hard polycarbonate protector comes in four shades: Milky White, Slate Grey, Smoke Black, and Yellow Jade.

One way SwitchEasy sets Cocoon apart is with the textured finish: instead of smooth plastic, it’s somewhat rough, which means you won’t see scratches appear all over the case like you do with most others.

It’s thin enough to allow the Apple logo to shine through, and the bulges for the MacBook Pro’s feet are covered in rubber, preventing them from slipping.