Telltale Games Hector: Episode 1 – We Negotiate with Terrorists

Telltale Games brought Sam and Max back to life, and it’s just released the first of a three-part series that feels like a spiritual successor. Hector: Episode 1 – We Negotiate with Terrorists ($10) is presented in the same style as those classic point-and-click adventure games: you control a British cop—known colloquially as the Fat Arse of the Law—who has to take over in a hostage negotiation and meet of all the terrorist’s demands.

The game is certainly bawdy enough to earn its ages 17 and up recommendation. Hector wakes up locked in a cell in his underwear, and the level of class goes downhill from there—toilet fishing is one of the early tasks you have to undertake, so naturally, it’s a blast. The dialogue and puzzle solving are clever, and you’ll definitely get a kick out of wandering around town and interacting with the locals. There’ll also be an iPad version of the game soon, with the next two chapters coming to Macs this fall.

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