Tenba Transport Air Case with Wheels


Tenba Transport Air Case with Wheels

We’re not convinced that traveling with or shipping an iMac is something most people will ever consider, but then again, for certain professional reasons, it makes a lot of sense. That explains why Tenba is one of a handful of companies making travel cases for the all-in-one machines, including its Transport Air Case with Wheels ($655). This edition is for the newest 27” iMacs, but you’ll actually find more than 30 sizes on the company’s web site. 

The nylon carrier is designed with hard sides and a cushioned interior specifically designed to match the shape of the iMac, along with room for some accessories such as a keyboard and mouse. While a handle and wheels make it convenient to move around by yourself, the bag is also designed to be shipped. Integrated into the front panel is a shipping document window, alongside a business card holder and engraveable metal ID plate. If you need to make sure your Mac arrives intact for a trade show or other limited-duration event, this is certainly a viable solution.

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