The Container Store Silver Mesh Wastebasket

The Container Store Silver Mesh Wastebasket

Apple’s Mac OS X trash can icon is, well, iconic at this point, and we’ll confess to having hunted down a real-life counterpart to place under a desk in our offices. The Container Store’s Silver Mesh Wastebasket ($10) is a highly similar option with the benefit of finer mesh on its round walls, making it more capable of safely holding things other than paper.

Unlike Ikea’s now-discontinued circular Dokument, the silver color’s a little brighter and it’s just a little taller, too.

Measuring 11.5” in diameter by 14” tall, the Silver Mesh Wastebasket has enough capacity for a week’s worth of light office trash or small item recycling—it’s not big enough to use in a kitchen or as a general-purpose wastebasket unless you want to frequently empty it.

To preserve the OS X-like aesthetic, we’ve found ourselves struggling to avoid putting a liner inside, due to the interesting challenges a mesh can faces whenever you flip the bin to remove coffee cups and the like. Our advice: stick to papers and similarly dry recyclables.