The Fullbright Company Gone Home


The Fullbright Company Gone Home

Sure, we’ve played video games without weapons before, but never without any other people, other than the character being controlled from the first-person perspective. That’s new. Gone Home ($20), from The Fullbright Company, is a new title out for those who are looking for a new type of gameplay, and have some patience. Set in a home, it tasks you with finding out what happened to your family after returning to emptiness from a year abroad.

Presented with stunningly detailed graphics, and set in the 90s (with plenty of references), Gone Home has you searching through the house, piecing together clues to help solve the mystery. It’s an open world, where you can interact with anything you see as you piece it altogether. Don’t expect any explosions, or even any cameos from…anyone. It’s you and the house.

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