The Hyperwords Company Liquid Words

Now that the Internet has brought a world of information to our fingertips, the challenge is to quickly find what you’re looking for. Liquid Words ($1) is a new Mac App Store title from The Hyperwords Company that sets out to do just that. A powerful reference tool, it allows you to drill down into any subject in a matter of a second or two. What makes it so fast compared to a traditional web search? Keyboard shortcuts.

The way it works is simple: just choose any text on your screen—it doesn’t matter what app it’s in—and then hit Command-Shift-1. This’ll launch Liquid Words automatically, although you can also pull it up from the icon in the menu bar. From there, you can use the drop down commands to run calculations, search, references, and translations. For even speedier results, you can simply type the letters of the commands you want to use. For example, you would just tap R and then I if you wanted to look up the IMDb listing for the movie you highlighted. This winds up reducing the steps that were previously necessary to call up a web browser, type the search term, and display the results.

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