The Little App Factory Tagalicious

Even if you’re an iTunes fiend, at least some of your music library surely comes from other places. Consequently, there are probably tracks in your library that are a mess with missing or wrong information. It’s a pain to clean them up yourself, so why not just let an app like Tagalicious ($20) from The Little App Factory take care of it for you?

Tagalicious is a standalone app, but it pulls the track information from your iTunes library in when you open it. Click on a song and it’ll access the Gracenote database to pull down all of the missing info: things like year, genre, track number, and even album art. Once you make all of your changes, just click the “Send to iTunes” button and it shoots the corrections right over, retagging and beautifying your tracks in the process. The app is available for half price in the Mac App Store right now; ten bucks to not have to deal with light grey music notes in dark grey boxes is a pretty good deal.

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