The Oatmeal “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product” Signed Print

The Oatmeal is one of our editors’ favorite comics—equal parts brilliant and grotesque, it never fails to be funny. One of Oatmeal’s most spot-on strips was the “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product,” and we’re pumped that it’s now available as a framable signed print ($25). For digital comics who haven’t seen a “print” in a while, that’s a copy of the black and white comic on a piece of actual paper, complete with the author’s scribbled name on the front.

The 12” x 18” print depicts an experience we’ve all gone through before—most of us on any number of occasions. The Apple product cycle may tear apart our souls, but yes, it’s our life. Rather than walking you through the panels, we’ll just say that you should definitely check it out; any serious Apple fan with a sense of humor would find it a nice addition to an office wall.

Nick Guy

Nick Guy was an Accessories Editor at iLounge. He had reviewed thousands of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories; provided visitors comprehensive evaluations of products on the industry-leading independent authority.