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It would be nice to just sit down at a desk, start every project, and finish it efficiently. But let’s face facts: without structure, big projects—and even some small tasks—aren’t going to make steady progress. Ideally, you’ll have something to keep your projects on track. That’s where OmniPlan ($200) from The Omni Group comes in. Just updated to version 2.0, it’s the last project management app you’ll need.

OmniPlan has always allowed you to outline and assign tasks, schedule pieces of a project, add milestones, and more. So what’s new in this version? It’s all about collaboration and scheduling. Now you can automatically sync changes made to the project between all of the people working on it. If you’ve ever worked in a team, you know you don’t want to manage any of that manually. There’s also change tracking, so that everyone actually knows what’s going on and changes can be approved or denied. And there’s a lot more flexibility in how project timelines and resources are scheduled. The app’s not cheap, but if you’re planning projects, it’s worth the investment—and hey, it’s a write-off.

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