The Vienna RSS Project Vienna

The Vienna RSS Project Vienna

The past few years haven’t been great for RSS, with the biggest blow coming from Google’s discontinuation of Reader service. There are of course still viable RSS readers out there, but nothing stands out as a clear winner. Here’s one to consider: Vienna (Free), from The Vienna RSS Project.

As the open source software core behind the now-abandoned RSS app NewsFire, Vienna is fully featured, and has seen continuous updates for years.

Designed specifically for OS X, Vienna is an elegant tool that provides quick access to articles and posts from all your favorite sites. It looks like Apple’s Mail app, with a narrow main feed on the left column, and two rows on the right.

The top gives you information about each post such as the subject, date, and author, while the bottom block shows the text. You can easily share articles over social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and use filters to rapidly sort through results.