MiniDrive microSD Adapter

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Not to be confused with Nifty’s MiniDrive—a Kickstarter project that blew past its funding goal a year ago, but still isn’t available to the general public— is also offering a product called MiniDrive ($20). This one is actually available for purchase right now. It looks a lot like Nifty’s, and does the same thing, but the fact that anyone can actually purchase it really boosts the appeal. 


MiniDrive serves as an adapter for any self-provided microSD card. Pop it in, and you can then fit the whole thing into your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. The major selling point is that it sits flush with the computer’s edge, rather than jutting out like most SD cards do. This allows you to effectively add storage space for any number of things: extra content, Time Machine backups, and more. is currently attempting to get the price of its accessory down to $6, shipped.


Nick Guy

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