Tkaro Bottle

iLounge + Mac’s mission is to feature cool products that make your Mac experience better in different ways—including things that look great next to it. Take Tkaro’s Bottle ($37), which is pitched as “the glass you take with you.” It’s a gorgeous vessel for your favorite cold beverage, and thanks to glass and stainless steel construction, it just happens to complement the industrial design of many Apple computers.

Just like the folks in Cupertino who designed the iPhone 4, Tkaro chose to rely heavily on glass for health and environmental reasons. The wide-mouthed container’s bottom is reinforced like a wine bottle for added structural integrity, so it should be able to survive some small bumps. There’s a stainless steel band that wraps around the body, and the matching cover screws into it, giving the Bottle an airtight seal. There’s no fear of chemicals leaching into your drink, an issue that recently has been coming up with some metal or plastic containers. And if that’s not enough, the whole thing is designed to be recyclable. Right now, Tkaro’s Bottle is only available in silver, but black, gold, gun metal grey, and copper versions are on their way. Silver will do until Apple figures out a way to pull off the black MacBook Air we’re lusting after.

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