Tucano Multitasking H15 Bag

We don’t know just how many people carry—or want to carry—a 15” MacBook Pro, 11” MacBook Air, and iPad at the same time. There may be a handful of such people out there, though, and like pretty much every other obscure niche, an accessory maker has stepped in to provide a solution. This time, it’s Tucano with the Multitasking H15 Bag ($70). The 13” model has been discontinued, but you can still pick up this model for the mid-sized MacBook Pro online or at your local Apple Store, and even if you don’t have either a 15” or 11” machine to stuff inside, that just leaves extra space for papers and books. Remember them?

And yes, there really are dedicated areas for all three machines. An “anti-shock” system and padded main compartment protect the MacBook Pro, while a neoprene pocket holds the MacBook Air. There’s an external pocket for the iPad or iPad 2, and a spot for your iPhone as well. The whole thing is made out of nylon, and has plenty of pockets if you actually have anything else to carry. Fun fact: load this with even the base models of those four devices, and you’re looking at about $3,500 worth of electronics hanging from your shoulder.

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