Tumult Hype

Everyone knows that HTML5 is the future. Steve Jobs said so and heck, even Adobe is getting there. The modern web development standard allows you to create interactive websites that are viewable across platforms, iOS devices included. In the past there was no really easy way to put an HTML5 site together without some hard hand coding. That’s why we’re so impressed by Tumult’s new Mac app, Hype ($30 introductory price). It’s here to help you say bye bye to Flash.

Hype is designed to make it easy to create animated and interactive sites. It is drag-and-drop and what-you-see-is-what-you-get, designed so that someone with limited web experience can start to create really cool sites in no time. Hit the record button and it follows all of your moves, transitions, and the like, automatically mapping them out. For those who know what they’re doing already, there are fine tune controls for cranking out even better stuff. When you’re through, hit the export button, copy and paste three lines of code, and you’re done. It looks like a title that could have been made by Apple itself, maybe even a bit better. Hurry and pick up Hype in the Mac App Store before the introductory price goes up.

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