For many Mac users, the aesthetic of a MacBook Pro is just as important as what’s under the hood, and we’ve always admired Twelve South’s approach to creating accessories that blend right in, such as its venerable BookArc — a vertical MacBook stand with a design that matches the MacBook’s brushed aluminum look perfectly. Now comes BookArc möd, a new version of the stand that concedes that not everybody is into the metallic look, and sports a design more in tune with wood-focused desktops.

Inspired by mid-century modern furniture design, BookArc möd has been updated to work with the newest MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3, and includes a birch finish that fits right in between the various MacBook colors and most modern decors. Soft, interchangeable silicone inserts are included for all current MacBooks, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro Retina models. Much like Twelve South’s classic Book Book cases, BookArc möd makes for a wonderful blend of modern technology and old-world charm.