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One of the most common complaints we’ve heard from readers about Apple’s latest MacBooks is the sheer number of cables and dongles that are now required with the switch to an all-USB-C design — Apple’s laptop is slick and portable by itself, but not so much when you consider the number of cables you may have to carry around to handle everything from USB flash drives to digital projectors. Fortunately, Twelve South has got you covered with its new CaddySack, the latest entry in its BookBook product lineup. It’s a luxe leather case designed specifically to carry all of your MacBook essentials.

Featuring the vintage book design that the company has become so well known for, CaddySack is a great way to keep your MacBook cables organized and quickly accessible. A set of elastic bands, straps, and pockets give you spots for your MacBook power adapter, various other cables and adapters, and there’s even a spot for your AirPods, a leather loop for a pen, and a small mesh pocket for SD cards. About the size of a paperback book, CaddySack can also easily be tossed into your laptop bag, making it a much more organized way to carry your cables.