Twelve South Inspire Mac Candle No. 2


Twelve South Inspire Mac Candle No. 2

While it may be a bit of a stretch to call this one a Mac accessory, Twelve South’s new Inspire [mac candle N°2] makes for a whimsical and worthwhile entry to close off a busy week. The venerable Mac accessory maker released its first Mac-inspired candle as a unique holiday gift last year to much acclaim among tech enthusiasts, and has followed it up this year with a new iteration in a whole new form and a scent that leans more toward the practical (as opposed to last year’s candle which was designed to smell like opening a new Mac). Mac Candle No. 2 instead features a unique blend of bergamot and armoise, with hints of lemon, amber, tarragon and musk for a unique smell and a scent profile that Twelve South claims is meant to clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity, presented in a vessel intended as an homage to Apple’s design ethos. More importantly, however, Twelve South is using the proceeds form candle sales in support of the popular FIRST charity that runs programs to motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM related fields. Inspire [mac candle N°2] is once again being released as a limited edition product for the 2017 holiday season, making it a novel gift for any Apple enthusiast.

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