Twitter, Inc. Twitter 2.1

It’s free. Simple. And now there’s more to love, except for one little unfortunate change.

Twitter, Inc. Twitter 2.1

Twitter 2.1 has just hit the Mac App Store, adding support for multiple windows, autocompletion of usernames and hashtags, and new font size preferences. All you’ll have to accept is the huge, ugly gray bar that’s been added to the top of the app’s window, which moves the close, maximize and minimize buttons further away from the icons, and provides an explanation (“Timeline,” “Profile,” “Search”) for where you are in the menu system.

Notably, the multiple window support limits you to a single multi-purpose window with the full set of icons, enabling you to open additional windows that are dedicated to one thing—say, a single account’s timeline, or profile panes.

Other changes to version 2.1 include small user profile and message conversation UI tweaks, improved display of shortening links, support for AppleScripts, a pretty cool developer console, and Sticky Live Stream preferences. The new version of Twitter remains free, and just as handy as the prior release, which we’ve been enjoying for some time now.