Twitter, Inc. Twitter 3.1

Although Twitter is quick to roll out new features to its mobile apps, the Mac version seems to get updated with much less frequency, so it’s somewhat noteworthy when an update appears on the Mac App Store. Twitter 3.1 adds two new features that came to the iOS app almost a year ago: the ability to attach photos in Direct Messages and include up to four photos in a single tweet.

Photos in Direct Messages came to Twitter last December, and support for multiple photos arrived in March, so it’s at least good to see that the Mac version is finally catching up. Sadly, the multiple photo feature is not without its limitations—you’ll have to add your photos one at a time, rather than being able to CMD+CLICK to select more than one in a single file browser. Also, some of the other new features like photo tagging remain absent in the Mac version, so you’ll still need to reach for your iPhone or iPad if you want to do that. Regardless, the official Twitter app remains the best free choice out there, and the new additions will be welcome features for Twitter power-users.


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