UltraLink UCubeTrio 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

While it’s not uncommon for USB-powered stereo speakers to resemble Macs, a subwoofer is almost never part of the equation. But that’s exactly what you get with UltraLink’s UCubeTrio 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System ($350). Along with a pair of 3” square speakers, a 5” square USub subwoofer brings the bass. The silver aluminum and black lacquer materials perfectly match your MacBook or iMac. 

UltraLink makes a big deal out of its Balanced Mode Radiator, abbreviated as BMR, claiming that the design allows for impressive sound from a single driver, plus 170-degree dispersion and a wide sound field. And of course the signal is all digital, offering “pristine musical reproduction.” Although the price is pretty high, there’s value in getting 2.1 sound from such a small and simple package with nice looks.

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