Vaja Ivolution Leather Suit for MacBook Air

Plenty of companies put out nice premium leather accessories, but the material Vaja uses has stood above most peers for years. Now MacBook Air owners can get in on the luxury with Ivolution Leather Suit ($190-$210)—there’s no direct link, but look at Notebooks > Apple and you should find it pretty easily. Coming in sizes for both the 11” and 13” models, the case is a beautiful way to personalize and protect your Mac.

As with most of Vaja’s products, Ivolution is customizable via a Flash-based tool on the company’s website. You have your choice of 17 colors for the body, and 26 for the stripes along the hinge and the feet on the bottom. Once you’ve assembled your masterpiece, Vaja makes the case by hand—the process takes about 25 days. We like that Ivolution stays on your machine, even when it’s in use; if you’re going to pay that much for a protective solution, it’s nice to be able to rely upon it at all times.

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