Valve Left 4 Dead 2

If you’re a fan of 3-D shooters, act quick: Valve’s fantastic 2009 zombie survival game Left 4 Dead 2 ($20) is free right now! Why rush? Because after 1:00 PM ET today, December 26, the game jumps back up to its normal level. Free games are good, and good free games are even better. You’ll rarely find such a great deal on a high quality title like this.

If you’re still reading, we’ll assume you’ve already clicked the download button and are watching the progress bar tick along. So what did you get yourself into? L4D2 is a zombie-themed first-person shooter. Through five campaigns, you navigate through the South, with a handful of distinct characters, each with individual strengths and abilities. Plus, there are plenty of different kinds of zombies, and weapons to shred them to pieces. Thanks for the great Christmas present, Valve; we suspect that many Mac owners will get their first taste of Steam thanks to this promotion.

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