Valve Portal 2

You loved Valve’s action puzzler Portal back in 2007. You’ve patiently awaited the sequel. Today, the wait’s over: Chell, GLaDOS and the gang are finally back in Portal 2 ($50). Yes, you still have your portal gun. But this time around Aperture Science has been kind enough to load you up with all sorts of new goodies—including tractor beams and special paints—and lets you play with friends, as well.

Other than just creating portals, players have the ability to use special paints that change whatever they touch, such as making a floor springy. New versions of the Weighted Storage Cube also add to the puzzles with deflecting mirrors and other abilities. Two-player mode will put you in the shoes of a pair of robots, each with its own portal gun. You’ll have to work together to get through what are significantly more difficult levels, and you can even play with your PC and PS3 friends. Portal 2 is available on disc, or as a digital download from Steam. Grab your Companion Cubes and get going—and remember, the cake is a lie.

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