Sometimes, new products appear that you knew you needed. Other times, the thought may never have crossed your mind, but once you see it, you realize the value. VectorWerks’ Cup Holder ($50) falls squarely in the second category. No, the company is not being cheeky with the name. We’re actually talking about a cup holder here, suitable for use in a surprising number of places.

First and foremost, Cup Holder is designed to be used at your desk. The aluminum holder folds flat when not in use. When it’s time to hold your beverage, a round support folds down into place, parallel to your desk, and there’s a beam underneath to hold the bottom of the cup. On the backside, there’s a clamp that’s padded with rubber on the inner edges. Snap it on, and you’re good to go. It can hold mugs, to-go cups, cans of pop, and even those little airplane cups. We don’t necessarily buy the marketing about saving your computer from spills, but it’s still useful, especially for those with small desks, and the Mac-matching finish is a plus.