VMware Fusion 7

VMware has announced Fusion 7 ($70), its newest software allowing users to run Windows programs on a Mac. The release is no surprise — every year VMware and Parallels Software release their new virtualizers around the same time, supporting the latest OS X revisions. As expected, Fusion 7 is compatible with OS X Yosemite, featuring enhanced Retina display support, multi-GPU optimizations, and over 40% improvements in both performance and energy utilization compared with Fusion 6. Users upgrading from Fusion 5 or 6 will get a $20 discount.

It’s possible to use specific Windows-only accessories on your Mac with the use of Fusion 7, which requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM (with 4GB or more recommended). The software includes 18 months of e-mail support and built-in video tutorials. Fusion 7 is $10 cheaper than Parallels Software’s Parallels Desktop 10; interested users can trial Fusion 7 for a month at no charge before making a decision.

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