VMware Fusion 8

Hot on the heels of Parallels 11, VMware has released its own updated Fusion 8 ($80) software, allowing Mac users to run Windows alongside their Mac’s OS. The newest incarnation is optimized for OS X El Capitan and is Windows 10 compatible, allowing Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana to work on the machine even when Fusion is running in the background. The software supports the iMac’s 5K Retina display and includes an enhanced graphics engine with DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3. Thus far, Ars Technica has spotted serious problems with Fusion 8. Some users aren’t able to access the Windows 10 start screen while in Unity mode, while others who are able to access it notice lower parts of the start screen are covered by the Mac’s dock. VMware confirmed the bug and said it won’t be fixed in this initial release, but will be addressed in a point release later.

Fusion 8 will run on any 64-bit capable Intel Mac with a minimum of 2GB of RAM (although 4GB or more is recommended). Like previous versions, the software includes 18 months of e-mail support and built-in video tutorials. The price of Fusion’s software jumps to $80 this year, up from $70 and now on par with what Parallels 11 costs new customers. Those upgrading to Fusion 8 from Fusion 6 or 7 get a reduced $50 price. Advanced users can also opt for VMware’s Fusion 8 Pro version, if they can handle the $200 price tag.


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