Western Digital My Passport Pro

We post a lot of hard drives on this site, but usually, it’s more of the same. External storage in a compact package, sometimes faster, sometimes cheaper. Western Digital’s My Passport Pro ($300-$430) is a truly exciting new option though, for a number of reasons. It’s a dual-drive system, with up to 4TB of storage. It’s a Thunderbolt system, too, making it one of the least expensive drives to use the technology that we’ve ever seen.

Available in 2TB and 4TB configurations, My Passport Pro has two separate drives inside. It’s shipped in a RAID 0 configuration, so you can use all the space, but it can be set up with RAID 1 for data redundancy. The integrated Thunderbolt cable is all that’s needed for both data and power. This drive is the first in a long time to really have us excited; we hope it lives up to expectations. If it does, it’ll be a grand slam.

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