Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II

Remember when everything you needed fit on a floppy? Yeah, well those days are long past gone. At this point we’re talking terabytes, and Western Digital is taking it to the next level with the MyBook Studio Edition II ($550), weighing in at a whopping 6TB. It’s the same size as the previous 4TB version, so no worries about clearing extra space on your desk.

Geared at video and photo professionals, the drive is now Time Machine ready. It supports FireWire 400 and 800, eSATA, and the old favorite USB 2.0. Plus, you can RAID it and there is a capacity gauge right on the face. Unfortunately, we’ve got to keep holding our breaths for the first Thunderbolt compatible drives to hit shelves but in the meantime this giant should do just fine.  Just imagine how many copies of Wolfenstein 3D you could hold on there.

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