We loved Yantouch’s amazing color-shifting lamp JellyWash+, which we first spotted at CES earlier this year. Now Yantouch has released a tweaked version called JellyWake ($139), which has been modestly redesigned to make use of the unique sleep and wake timers easier. The result is in some ways an even more impressive LED-powered lamp—a beautiful way to change the look and even the sound of the office or bedroom where you use your Mac—but there is one reason that some users may prefer the original JellyWash+ design. Updated: We’ve had the opportunity to fully test JellyWake and have revised this article with new details and photos!

Used most basically, JellyWake is designed to illuminate a room in your choice of any color from a 16 million-shade palette generated by an array of 24 sets of miniature RGB lights—down from 36 sets in JellyWash+. Using proximity sensors rather than touch controls, you can set the lamp to hold one color, or cycle through its full range at various levels of brightness and saturation. A speaker inside can also put out a soothing, cave-like sound of running and dripping water—or stay silent if you prefer. As with JellyWash+, the killer features are wake and sleep timers: you can set JellyWake to awaken you to a room-filling sunrise color show, complete with chirping bird noises, or put you to sleep with a gentle sunset effect alongside nighttime animal sounds. Yantouch has made its timers easier to understand in JellyWake by using discrete dots to indicate hourly clock positions, and added a power-saving mode that activates when ambient light in the room reaches a certain brightness level. It has also changed the bottom half of the plastic body from silver to white, and included a new power supply that occupies less space when connected to a wall. The only bummer with JellyWake is that the sun-shaped discrete dot design is persistent not just during the setting of the timers, but also during regular operation, so the magical illumination effect created by JellyWash+ is somewhat more restrained. As we prefer to see the dots only when setting timers, we’re partial to JellyWash+, but JellyWake is beautiful in its own right, too.