Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 1

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 2

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 3

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 4

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 5

Yohann Wooden MacBook Pro Stand 6

We’re always fascinated by the various ways that companies have found to elevate Apple’s MacBooks — both physically and aesthetically, and Yohann’s new Wooden MacBook Pro Stand is another cool and unique solution for keeping your MacBook at eye level and looking absolutely great on your desk by blending the increasingly popular combination of old-world rustic design with the gleaming cutting-edge aluminum look of Apple’s MacBooks.

Available in either Walnut ($179) or Oak ($159), Yohann’s stand elevates the MacBook to keep air circulating around it while also helping you avoid neck strain by maintaining a proper working posture. Each stand is sustainably crafted from a single block of wood, and features an impressively minimalist design, eschewing the more typical base structure for a balanced edge design that’s as much a piece of artwork as a practical accessory. While it may look like it defies the laws of physics, Yohann’s stands actually still offer rock stable support for all MacBooks, and can be used with the lid either or closed for use with an external keyboard and monitor, and can even be titled forward when you’re not using your MacBook for an even more elegant look on your desk. Although we’ll admit the aesthetic isn’t for everybody, we’re definitely fans of the style, and Yohann’s MacBook stand is one of the most beautiful and clever designs we’ve seen.

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