Zentertain Facebox Pro for Facebook

Revolutionary? Magical? No. But Zentertain’s Facebox Pro for Facebook (Free, version 2.1) is certainly handy, letting Mac users access the popular social networking site with one click from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Facebox Pro basically just compresses most of the standard Facebook Safari page into a roughly 600×500 window that floats above everything else on your desktop, then disappears whenever you switch to a different window. Because it relies on Safari rather than a proprietary client, it includes full support for Facebook chat, auto-sized photo browsing, and everything else in Facebook’s left and center web columns.

What’s missing? Facebook ads. Upcoming Events. And Recommended Pages. We’re guessing that you’re not shedding tears over their omissions—if so, you can always load up the full Facebook page to see them again. You’ll also have to come to grips with a single-line text ad inserted by Zentertain to offset giving away Facebox Pro for free. No problem, right? The app is available now from the Mac App Store.

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