ZeptoLab UK Cut the Rope

ZeptoLab UK Cut the Rope
ZeptoLab UK Cut the Rope

Everyone’s favorite candy-munching monster, Om Nom, has finally made his way to the Mac with the recent release of ZeptoLab UK’s Cut the Rope ($5) in the Mac App Store. Featuring the same gameplay as the original iPhone and iPad version—and the subsequent followups—your goals sound simple: swing a piece of candy around on the screen in an effort to collect all three stars, then drop the treat in Om Nom’s mouth. Actually making that happen is easier said than done, though.

The Mac version of this game features the same ten themed “boxes” as the current iOS version, each with 25 levels. Each box introduces different mechanics, many of which add up as the game goes on. The touch controls have been replaced by clicking and dragging a cursor with your trackpad or mouse, or simply clicking on the rope you wish to cut; we’d love to see an update that utilizes Multi-Touch for controls that feel more like the original. And don’t worry, the familiar soundtrack is there in full force too. ZeptoLab is promising constant free updates to the game, and based on the mobile version, we’d believe it—Cut the Rope originally launched on iOS with far less content, so it’ll be great to see how much the Mac one evolves.

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