2008 Apple product poll ends, accessory poll begins

Our last poll, “Which likely 2008 Apple product are you most excited about?,” has closed. The results were interesting: with 3,957 votes taken, readers appeared to be more excited about more powerful touchscreen devices than anything else. A plurality (41%) voted for “a more powerful touchscreen iPod,” with 21% interested in a “3G iPhone” and 20% interested in a Mac tablet or sub-notebook. Only 11% registered interest in a less expensive, stripped-down iPhone, and a meager 6% were excited about a revamped Apple TV. Thanks for your votes!

Our new poll, “Which add-on do you most want right now?,” has just opened. Cast your vote now by clicking on the iLounge Poll link found on the site’s main page, left column. We’re anxious to see what interests you!


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