2010 Apple product poll closes, protection poll begins


With over 4,600 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll, “Heading into 2010, what potential Apple product are you most looking forward to?” has ended. Readers had a choice between the rumored Apple Tablet, the fourth-generation iPhone, the fourth-generation iPod touch, a second-generation Apple TV, the sixth-generation iPod nano, a seventh-generation iPod classic, a fourth-generation iPod shuffle, or some other unknown product.

With 42% of the vote, the Apple Tablet—rumored to have an upcoming debut on January 27th—topped all other potential 2010 Apple products. The fourth-generation iPhone was second, with 34% of the vote, followed by the fourth-generation iPod touch with 11%, the seventh-generation iPod classic with 4%, and the second-generation Apple TV with 3%. Brining up the rear were the sixth-generation iPod nano and other with 2% each, and the fourth-generation iPod shuffle, which received just one percent of the vote. Thanks for all your responses!

Our latest poll focuses on device protection. We’d like to know: do you keep you iPod or iPhone protected? Whether you own an iPhone, iPod classic, touch, shuffle, or nano, we want to hear from you. Our new poll, “Do you keep your primary iPod or iPhone in a case or film?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the far left-hand column of the main iLounge.com home page. Cast your vote today!

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