2013 Readers’ Choice Awards – last chance to vote!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in our 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. Thousands of votes have been cast, but a last-minute push could make all the difference. Belkin, Logitech, and uNu are leading the way for Accessory Maker of the Year, and Google, Facebook, and Nosy Crow are battling it out for App Developer of the Year. Rovio, EA, and Epic are ahead of the pack in Game Developer of the Year, but it’s not impossible for another company to make a final victorious surge in any of the categories.

Also vote in our separate Readers’ Choice Awards poll for Best Apple Product of 2013. The iPad Air and iPhone 5s are currently battling for first, with the iPad mini with Retina Display close behind. Voting in both polls ends at 11:59 Pacific Time, Oct. 31. The winners will be announced in our 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers’ Guide, coming in early November.

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