Guided Ways has recently updated 2Do, its stylish productivity app for iOS devices adding support for settings start dates on tasks and making several synchronization and sharing improvements. With 2Do 2.5 users can now optionally set a start date and time for tasks in addition to a due date and time; tasks with future start dates will be hidden from calendars and task lists, appearing instead under a “Scheduled” section. Scheduled tasks will appear in the appropriate lists once their start date and time has passed. Users can also sort by start dates and batch defer both start and due dates. Start Dates will synchronize with both Outlook and ToodleDo, depending on the sync method being used. The new version also features a revamped synchronization engine for ToodleDo users, providing support for syncing locations and removing 2Do meta-data from ToodleDo notes. 2Do is a universal app and is available from the App Store for $7.


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