2Do update adds iOS 4 support, location-based tasks

Guided Ways Technologies has released a major update to its 2Do task management application adding iOS 4 support and several other significant new features. 2Do 2.0 brings iOS 4 multitasking support on capable devices including Fast App Switching and Local Notifications, including updating of the application badge count. Push Notifications can still be used for devices that do not support multitasking or are running an older iOS version, and users can continue to configure e-mail alerts as well if desired.

The new version also completely revamps the interface, themes and internal layouts, including adding iPhone 4 Retina Display support and landscape view and in-place display of notes, audio and images within tasks. A new Nearby and Locations feature has also been added, allowing users to assign tasks to physical locations and have the application filter tasks based on GPS location, display tasks on a map or automatically notify the user when they are near a location with outstanding tasks. The update also improves synchronization and backup features, with automatic nightly backups for users who don’t sync and the ability to sync multiple devices with the desktop helper app.

Users can also now export their tasks as a CSV file via e-mail. 2Do 2.0 is available from the App Store for $4 and is a free update for current users.