4Flix.net offers new plan, notes ‘6th generation Video iPod’

4Flix.Net has announced its Free*Pass monthly subscription plan, which allows unrestricted access to the site’s collection of iPod-ready videos for $9.99 a month. The service allows members to download any of 4Flix.Net’s DRM-free feature-length movies, classic TV shows, and independent films.

Strangely, in 4Flix.Net’s press release for the new service, sent to iLounge, the company lists “Apple’s 6th Generation 16×9 widescreen Video iPod” as a supported device. Apple has obviously yet to introduce such a device and is unlikely to provide product details to a company such as 4Flix.Net in advance of such an announcement.

Update: As noted in the comments below, 4Flix.Net has updated its press release on its website, which now lists “Apple’s 5th Generation video-capable iPod” as a supported device.