ABT iJet, Keyspan TuneView LCD remotes ship


Two new iPod-specific LCD remotes—the iJet Two-Way from ABT and the TuneView from Keyspan—have recently begun shipping to stores. Both remotes allow users to remotely navigate and control music from an iPod directly on the remote using RF transmission technology.

ABT iJet, Keyspan TuneView LCD remotes ship

The ABT iJet Two-Way ($130; iLounge Rating: C+) consists of a walkie talkie-shaped remote with two-line LCD display and bottom-mounting iPod receiver with pass-through dock connector and headphone ports.image

Keyspan’s TuneView Remote ($179; shown left) features a color LCD screen and a universal, charging iPod dock for connecting an iPod to a stereo, powered speakers or TV. The TuneView Dock can also be used to sync an iPod with iTunes running on a PC or Mac.

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