Accessory poll ends, iPhone screen size poll begins

Our latest poll, What’s the first accessory you consider buying for a new iOS device, other than a case?, has now closed. With the changing iPhone accessory landscape over the years, we were curious to know what types of accessories our readers put the most priority on after buying a new iPhone.

Twenty percent of respondents indicated that new headphones were their first accessory choice, suggesting that the Apple EarPods remain an undesirable pack-in for many users.

Running in a close second at nineteen percent was a car mount or charger, while sixteen percent of responses indicated that a stand or dock was the first thing they’d look at buying. Of the remaining responses, eleven percent selected a battery pack, while Bluetooth headsets and fitness accessories came in tied at 5% each. Three percent of readers responding indicated that their first accessory would actually be an iOS Game Controller.
With reports that Apple is working on larger iPhone screen sizes becoming more plausible and specific, we’re now curious to know what your preferred iPhone screen size would be considering the likely possibilities.

Rumours suggest that Apple may likely release both a 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone within the next one to two years; do these screen sizes meet your expectations, or are you looking for something bigger? Are you happy with the current 4” screen? Or maybe you feel that iPhones are already too big and prefer a return to the pre-iPhone 5 screen size? Our latest poll Which screen size would you prefer? lets you have your say. The latest poll can now be found in the box near the top right column on any of our pages—simply click the “Vote” button to see it and let us know your thoughts.