Accessory poll ends, iPod, iPhone battery poll begins

With nearly 2,700 votes form iLounge readers, our latest poll—“What type of accessory do you most need for your iPod or iPhone?” has ended. Choices consisted of a new case or protective film, speakers, new earphones, an in-car accessory, a Bluetooth wireless headset, a battery pack, a computer dock, an in-home charger, other accessories, and an option for those who don’t need a new accessory.

Somewhat surprisingly given the wide range of options available in this category, a quarter—25%—of respondents said they most need a new case or protective film. 16% said they need a new in-car accessory, 14% said they need new earphones, and 9% of responding readers said they need a battery pack or speakers. 8% said they need a Bluetooth wireless headset, 2% said they need a computer dock, and another 2% said they need an in-home charger. 3% said they need some other accessory not available from the options given, while 11% said they don’t need a new accessory at all. Thanks for all your votes!

Our new poll focuses on battery life. We’d like to know: how’s the battery life on your primary iPod or iPhone? Is it excellent, sufficient, or too weak? Whether you have a Click Wheel iPod, iPod touch, or iPhone, our newest poll, “How would you describe your primary iPod’s or iPhone’s battery life?” lets you answer that question. The iLounge Poll can be found in the left-hand column of the main homepage. Cast your vote today!

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