According to Qualcomm, Apple is now $7 billion behind in royalty payments

Apple’s tab appears to be growing rapidly the company continues its fight with Qualcomm over patents and royalty payments. Bloomberg reports that Qualcomm told a federal court in San Diego last week that Apple is now $7 billion being in its royalty payments the company, a debt that has presumably been running up since Apple began withholding payments in early 2017. According to a statement by Qualcomm lawyer Evan Chesler, Apple is “trying to destroy our business,” and “the house is on fire.” Qualcomm has been pushing to have approximately 56 patent claims and counterclaims cut from a lawsuit that has been going on between it and Apple and Asian manufacturers, while Apple has in turn halted all royalty payments to Qualcomm through its manufacturers, pending the outcome of what has now escalated to around 100 legal cases in various jurisdictions around the world. Apple is arguing the Qualcomm is trying to use its position to bully customers into payment excessive royalties, and Apple’s counsel, Ruffin Cordell, told the judge at Friday’s hearing that “You can’t just let Qualcomm walk away from this.”

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