Adesso’s iLamp lineup features iPod cradles, speakers

Adesso has introduced a new line of desk lamps that feature integrated speakers and iPod cradles. The company’s iLamp line includes the Tempo Architect iLamp (white base with satin steel and chrome accents), the Boogie Architect iLamp (painted champagne steel finish with LED bulbs), the Rock On! Architect iLamp (black painted base with perforated black metal shade), the Tunes iLamp (white plastic bubble shaped base from which two round speakers extend and retract), the Harmony iLamp (flat saucer-like vented shade with a thin blue translucent strip and plastic base), and the Boom Box iLamp (LED lamp with portable, boom box-shaped base). Each iLamp connects to an iPod or other MP3 player via the headphone jack, features an adjustable neck, and retails for $89.

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